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daev dwalsh at blather.net
Thu Mar 22 15:24:02 CST 2001

At 14:30 21/03/01, James Raftery wrote:
>On Wed, Mar 21, 2001 at 02:04:22PM +0000, Alex French wrote:
> > I spent a few months working for them... they were based in a basement in
> > Gardiner St, Dublin.
>Yep. I remember the day it flooded :)

YOU remember the day? You weren't drying out modems with handryers in the 

>The service was, well you got what you paid for. They did PPP? Blast, I
>never knew. The modem banks were invariably busy for hours on end and
>throughput was miserable. That said, I was young, innocent and thought
>this internet thing was a blast anyway.

Same here, and  I was working there...


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